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What is DeedsWEB?

In keeping with the principles of Batho Pele and the Promotion of Access to Information Act, a web interface to the Deeds Registration System Database, that is, a web-enabled deeds information system was developed in 2001. This allows all our clients access to Deeds information without having to purchase specific software. Web-enabling our information system was an exciting step for the Deeds Office, as it will lay the foundation for our proposed electronic registration system (e-Cadastre) and allow us to serve a wider client-base for much wider access to information for our clients.

All you need is an Internet connection and Internet Explorer 5 or upwards. Internet explorer can even be installed on your PC(s) free of charge if needed.

Access to information

In terms of Section 7 of the Deeds Registries Act, 47 of 1937 which relates to inspection of records and supply of information, the Deeds Office cannot deny anyone access to its information. Section 7 of the Deeds Registries Act reads as follows;

Section 7 - Inspection of records and supply of information

(1) Each registrar shall on conditions prescribed and upon payment of the prescribed fees, permit any person to inspect the public registers and other public records in his registry, other than the index to such registers or records, and to make copies of those records or extracts from those registers and to obtain such other information concerning deeds or other documents registered or filed in the registry as prior to the commencement of this Act could, customarily, be made or obtained.

(2) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any other law contained, no person (including the State) shall be exempted from the payment of the prescribed fees referred to in subsection (1).

It is important to note though, that DeedsWeb is the only official information service underwritten by the Chief Registrar of Deeds.

What is the background to DeedsWEB?

The Deeds Office currently faces a potential business scenario where service requirement volumes will increase by 300% (from 6 million land parcels to more than 20 million) due to Land Reform initiatives, without a commensurate increase in funding and resourcing. Thus the Deeds Office must find ways to reduce the funding gap by reducing the cost of business (processing, archiving and information provision), and improving / enhancing revenue generation

By having joined the E-business community, the Deeds Office can address their short-term and long-term business requirements. Thus, the Deeds Office can maintain their service levels to their customers by taking advantage of Internet. The Internet has evolved from a communication medium, and subsequently a forum for advertising and information providing to a platform for complete business transactions between suppliers (i.e. financial institutions and attorneys), government (the Deeds Office) and the customers (i.e. buyers and sellers).

Deeds data information has always traditionally been utilised by Law Firms, Financial Institutions, Estate Agents, General Business and Local Authorities to name a few. The predecessor to DeedsWeb, the Aktex Enquiry System, was developed specifically for conveyancing specialists and associated professions in South Africa.

The registration data which can be viewed on the DeedsWeb represents only part of the information relating to registered deeds and is not intended to provide detailed information relating to the law and the practice and procedure relating to conveyancing in South Africa. If difficulty is found interpreting some of the search results your local conveyancer should be consulted.

What opportunities are created by DeedsWEB?

Web-enabling addresses the following immediate business requirements:

What are the built-in functionalities of DeedsWEB?

The initial high-level types of enquiries that have been developed for DeedsWeb are:
Each of the search criteria (by person / property / title deed), allows the user access to the following information:
Detail of Properties, with further detail on:

What do I need to use DeedsWEB?

  1. Access to the Internet.
  2. The latest version of Microsoft Explorer (web browser software). If you do not posses this software, it can be down loaded free of charge from the Internet.
  3. Windows 95 (or later) is recommended.

Which description of types of persons will be encountered in the data presented?

Mortgagee, Developer, Buyer, Mortgagor, Seller, Cedent, Cessionary, Grantor, Grantee, Usufructuary, Lessee, Lessor, Prospector, Defendant, Holder Minerals, Holder Habitatio, Owner, Holder, Spouse, Holder Usus, Trust, Trustee, Administrator.

Which marital status codes will be encountered in the data presented?

Customary Union, Unmarried, married in, married out, Foreign marriages, Moslem / Hindu Rites and Married.

How accurate is this data?

The deeds registration system is based on a negative system of land registration which means that the deeds data is only updated regarding the status of a person when the deeds are presented for an act of registration. The conveyancer who prepares the deed for registration is responsible for the correctness of the current facts pertaining to the transacting parties such as full names, identity numbers and status amongst others. It may be that intervening marriages may never be captured as a result of this negative system.

Which measurement codes will be found?

Symbol Denotation
SQMSquare Meters
SQRSquare Roods
NILeither a no remainder or no information available
DUMno information available
MULTIPLEinformation relating to the extent/s of property/ies which cannot be displayed in the allocated field

In all of the above cases a thorough working knowledge of measurement practices in the RSA are necessary and the deed itself must be consulted for clarity.

Can a property search be conducted using the physical street address?

Currently the answer is No. The database consists of information relating to the Township name, the erf, the portion, the registration division, farm number and portion, sectional title schemes, scheme numbers unit number, exclusive use areas and agricultural holdings. It is envisaged in the future that geographical and street address functionality will be developed for DeedsWEB.

How do I close my DeedsWEB account?

  1. The balance on the account must be R0.00.
  2. The request to close the account must be received in writing.
After the request have been received we suspend the account, pending deletion until final payment has been received and if the account balance is zero we change the status to 'Deleted'.

What are the account details for depositing my payments?

  1. Cheque Payments:

    The Chief Registrar of Deeds (DeedsWEB)
    Private Bag X918

  2. Direct Deposit:

    Account Holder: Chief Registrar of Deeds
    Bank: Standard Bank (Pretoria)
    Branch Code: 01-00-45-00
    Account Number: 010725555

My browser freezes when accessing DeedsWEB, what is wrong?

Please see the solution here.



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